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Location: Dubai, UAE

About Bakemart Gourmet 

Bakemart Gourmet Group has today over 15 years of legacy of having satisfied the cravings of millions of clients and corporates for all things in the bread and cakes universe.  


Did a late-night workshop developing new display concepts for the media city branch together with all the chefs and the owner himself, Mr T K Khaleel. 

A variety of Dalebrook stands, platters, trays and bowls were brought into the store and tested in-situ while the chefs cooked fresh in the kitchen. Our own Jennie Knott (Managing Director at Dalebrook) took time out from her vacation to also lend a hand.  

Existing menu offering was doubled while the display fit perfectly inside the counter. Customers were very impressed by the additional variety and the high quality bowls enhanced the colours in the food “.

Yousef Saleem Mustafa – Store Manager

The Result

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